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Our Culture & Philosophy

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You face tremendous challenges when your health is seriously compromised. When it happens as a result of careless or even deliberate corporate misconduct, your feelings may include much-justified anger. Though it may seem like small comfort in such difficult times, you might have the right to seek justice and accountability.

As attorneys with extensive experience helping people obtain compensation for their injuries, Hendler Lyons Flores is committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for each client. We have vast internal resources and a powerful network of strategic partners we call upon so we can develop the most effective legal strategy for you.

Our people and our strategic partners are capable, compassionate professionals with a genuine concern for the well-being of our clients and a commitment to seeking accountability for corporate misconduct. Our goals are to make sure that working with us is a positive experience for you and that we obtain the best possible recovery for your injuries or your loss.At Hendler Lyons Flores our purpose is to serve those who need a strong voice to speak on their behalf against corporate misconduct. We believe in the dignity of every human being, and we treat all of our clients with care and consideration.

The key to our success is the caring nature of our people. Our culture reflects the values each one of us brings to our work. The hallmarks of that culture include:

  • A passion for justice
    It is important for our clients to obtain account ability for their injuries or their loss. Every member of our team has a passionate personal commitment to helping people see that justice is served and holding responsible parties accountable for their conduct.
  • Compassion
    Toxic injuries are life-altering experiences. That's why we believe in providing resources and guidance to help our clients cope with their illnesses and understand the legal process.
  • Commitment to excellence
    We keep up to date on the latest legal developments in our areas of practice and constantly work on improving our skills so we can continue to achieve outstanding results for our clients. We demonstrate our commitment to service in part by offering a series of resource websites that provide up to date information, assistance and support for you- and anyone -suffering from toxic injuries.