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Sean Lyons, Attorney at Law

Attorney Sean Lyons is fascinated by the scientific element of a complicated medical issue. It’s what enables him to litigate product liability cases in a uniquely successful way.

Inspired by his father, San Antonio-based attorney Clem Lyons, Sean is motivated to fight for "the underdog", those who face an unlevel playing field with seemingly insurmountable odds.

With a renowned record of trial experience spanning 15 years, Sean has handled a wide range of plaintiffs’ cases including pharmaceutical litigation, civil rights, product liability, premises liability, government liability, and the deceptive trade practices act.

He has made state and national headlines by winning record breaking settlements against the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Now partner, Lyons chose to join Hendler Lyons Flores because he shares Scott Hendler’s sense of purpose to speak with a strong voice for those who suffer injustice at the hands of the powerful.

A graduate of The University of Texas School of Law and a former Judicial Law Clerk for U.S. District Judge Filemon Vela of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Sean assumes a leadership role as a Partner in the firm’s Mesothelioma Practice as well as its decade long fight for banana plantation workers exposed to dangerous levels of DBCP, a toxic pesticide.

Honors and Associations:

  • San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association, President 2003
  • Lawyers’ Committee on Civil Rights, Director
  • Honorary Lawyer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico,
    through the Consulate General in San Antonio
  • American Association for Justice (and BTLG)
  • Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Director
  • Trial Lawyers College, Dubois, Wyoming—Graduate, Class of 2007