Legal Deadlines

Don't Lose Your Rights.

Be aware that if you wait too long to act on your case, you risk losing your rights completely. Each state has different deadlines, called statutes of limitation, for allowing victims to file lawsuits in personal injury claims.

For instance, in Texas actions must be filed within two years of the date of the diagnosis or death. In Missouri, plaintiffs have five years to file a claim, while in California they only have one. And in New York and Florida, actions must be brought within three and four years respectively.

Also, note that the state in which your case is filed might not be your state of residence. Other factors, such as where the injury occurred and the location of the defendant are taken into consideration when deciding where to file your claim.

A final point to consider is that it often takes weeks or even months to properly investigate a claim before filing suit, so you should act on your case as soon as possible, before your opportunity to file an action has passed.