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Your Involvement

 It can feel overwhelming to participate in a legal action. You may have concerns about testifying, appearing in court, giving depositions or taking part in other proceedings involved in bringing your lawsuit. Following is a simple list of the proceedings you can expect to participate in:

  • You will be asked to answer some preliminary questions so that our attorneys can determine whether or not you should bring a lawsuit. The questions would focus on:
    • your exposure to the toxic substance or drug
    • your diagnosis and current medical condition, and
    • the impact the injury has had on your life.
  • If you decide to proceed with your lawsuit, you will be asked for additional information and asked to identify witnesses, such as family members and co-workers, who can provide evidence that will assist your attorneys in researching and developing your case for trial.
  • You will probably be called on from time to time for additional information or to verify the accuracy of information obtained in the past.
  • You will likely have to give a deposition. Depositions are formal interviews given under oath that are recorded by a court reporter. The deposition is attended by all the attorneys involved in the suit and may later be used in court as testimony.
  • If your case goes to trial, you may have to testify in court. If you choose Hendler Lyons Flores to represent you, your attorney will prepare you by helping you understand the kinds of questions to expect and giving you advice on how to tell your story. Frequently, the parties try to negotiate a settlement instead of going to trial. It is your decision whether to accept any settlement offers.