Case Histories


Each case is unique and outcomes are difficult to predict, so the results obtained in these cases do not necessarily reflect the results you can expect if you bring a lawsuit.


Ezequiel and Mary Lopez

"Scott listens well and is very caring, and everyone at the firm takes their lead from Scott. Scott really wants what's best for you." - Mary Lopez

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Addison and Glenda Nelson

"Scott really clarified the confusing process for us during the entire time we worked with him." - Glenda Nelson

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William and Diane Browning

"Companies should be held accountable, and my husband and I felt he should be compensated for his short life. Even though we were a source of income to Hendler, we mattered as human beings to them, too." - Diana Browning

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Jennifer Dawson

"I had my life planned out but when I got sick I just thought about today" - Jennifer Dawson

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Clifford and Jo Hansen

"They are like family, and they treated us as such." - Mrs. Jo Hansen

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Carlos Gamez

"We chose Scott Hendler for his knowledge, his approach and his sincerity. He's honorable, tough, and strong." - Richard Gamez

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Louis and Jane Barletta

"I like Scott and I like the people he has working with him." - Jane Barletta

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