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Louis and Jane Barletta

A cat-lover and family man, Louis Barletta enjoyed working on cars with his sons as well as breeding show cats with his wife Jane. Louis was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2001, at the age of 69. The Barletta family chose to engage the services of Hendler Lyons Flores to ensure that their rights were protected as they entered an overwhelming and often confusing legal and medical world.

Louis' prior work history included periods of significant exposure to asbestos. In 1972, Louis went to remove asbestos from a manufacturing facility that belonged to a notorious asbestos product manufacturer. He was assigned to this job after the manufacturer knew the federal government was about to pass new laws banning asbestos in products.

The job was to dismantle and remove an asbestos tile manufacturing system. Over the course of several months, Louis was exposed to fiber dust daily. He also installed asbestos cement pipe for other employers, over a period of several years. All of this exposure caused the development of Louis's life-threatening lung disease.

Even as Louis's health continued to deteriorate, several of the corporate defendants named in the case chose to settle in August, 2003 - for a total of $4.2 million - rather than face Hendler Lyons Flores in trial. Sadly, Louis passed away the following month. Hendler Lyons Flores continues to work on the case and expects total settlements to exceed $5 million.


Despite their tragic loss, the Barletta family has been able to take comfort in the fact that those responsible for Luis''s exposure were held accountable.