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Quotes and Thank You Notes

Over the years, our clients have given us many compliments and notes of thanks and appreciation for our service. We'd like to share some of these with you because these people were once in the same position you are now. And, after retaining Hendler Lyons Flores, they achieved peace-of-mind for themselves and their families and a measure of justice for their injuries. You can expect similar benefits and the same dedicated, attentive service if you choose to work with us.

Client Quotes

Our experience with HendlerLaw was the best, and only good part, of our tragic experience. My daughters are now able to go to college out of state because of the settlement Scott won for us - they now have many more opportunities than they otherwise would have. Scott listens well and is very caring, and everyone at the firm takes their lead from Scott. Scott really wants what's best for you.

Mary Lopez

The skills and abilities of the THLF staff led us to choose them for our legal counsel. Scott is very sincere, approachable, and personable. We were very satisfied with the level of attention and support he provided, as well as the education he gave us about mesothelioma.

Patricia Meadows

We chose Scott Hendler for his knowledge, his approach, and his sincerity. He's honorable, tough and strong. The people at HendlerLaw are very aware of the cultural and social factors involved in a case like ours, and they were highly respectful of and sensitive to our mother's feelings. Scott puts his heart into his work.

Richard Gamez

Scott really clarified the confusing process for us during the entire time we worked with him. Scott took a personal interest in our case and came out to our house several times to meet with us when we were seeking legal counsel. That kind of personalized attention made us choose to work with HendlerLaw.

Glenda Nelson

Thank You Notes

I greatly appreciated our conversation yesterday - as I told you, sometimes I feel so left out of this process and alone with this problem. Your assurance that I am not alone in this meant a lot to me.

Jo Hansen

I wish to express our sincere thanks. Reynaldo De Los Santos and Eugene De Los Santos Jr. much appreciate your thoughtfulness and help you have given his [their] dad, and as for me, how can words express to you all my sincere thanks.

Florence Sanchez

I could tell positive stories about everyone there and I most likely will. I have tried to be lavish in my praise for you all. It is less than you deserve. Thank you all for your many acts of generous consideration. I am sustained by your prayers. I am warmed by the radiance of your goodwill toward me.

Allen Ray Benson