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Other Toxins

As part of our commitment to defending victims of corporate misconduct, Hendler Lyons Flores takes on a variety of special interest cases. Our firm has represented labor unions, human rights groups and child advocacy organizations in the United States and Latin America in various toxic injury cases against multinational corporations.

At present, the most active of these cases involves over 3,000 Central American banana workers who were exposed to DBCP, a pesticide that causes sterility and may lead to cancer. Although DBCP had been banned in the U.S., several U.S.-based multinational companies continued to distribute and use the chemicals in developing countries. Our firm recently won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in this case preventing the defendants from using a tactic to avoid facing accountability in this case. As a result, the banana workers now have a much better chance for an equitable outcome.

We've also initiated litigation on behalf of a group of Central American children addicted to inhaling Resistol, a shoe glue manufactured and marketed by H.B Fuller. Hendler Lyons Flores undertook the case to force H.B. Fuller to take actions that would prevent its products from harming children and to establish a fund for the treatment and rehabilitation of those children who have sustained serious neurological injuries from the solvent based glue.

Although a Minnesota Court declined jurisdiction in the first case against H.B. Fuller, we are pleased to report that in the face of continued pressure from Casa Alianza, a child advocacy organization in Central America, and the threat of continued lawsuits by Hendler Lyons Flores, the company has finally pulled the dangerous glue from the market.

Historically, some of the toxic substances that have been shown to cause significant injury to people are lead-based paint, asbestos and silica, dry cleaning and other solvents, pesticides, electro-magnetic fields, various drugs and pharmaceuticals and industrial and other chemicals

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