Our Resources & Support Services

When you are battling a serious illness, you must make many important decisions while at the same time dealing with a range of emotional issues. That's why we offer our clients more than just the highest quality legal representation; we offer our support.

During our many years working in toxic injury litigation we have witnessed firsthand how corporate negligence and misconduct touches all aspects of the lives of its victims. In response we have developed a range of support services based on our understanding of the all-encompassing challenges you face:

  • Legal action - advice, assistance and personal service as we represent you during the phases of any legal action we bring on your behalf.
  • Medical - information about illnesses, treatments, clinical studies, and support groups. Useful information and referrals to doctors, counselors and special programs.
  • Emotional - help coping with the difficult issues you must face, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. Every single one of our staff members is committed to providing compassionate assistance throughout the legal process.
  • Other legal issues - you may face other legal decisions such as wills, trusts, and estate planning if your illness is terminal, or perhaps you may need a criminal defense attorney if your drug addiction has compelled you to resort to illegal activities. We can help you find the right kind of assistance for all your legal needs.

For your convenience, we have made much of this information available to you online on our resource websites. These sites provide a place of refuge where you can go - day or night - to better understand your illness, find out where to go for additional help, and even talk with others who face similar circumstances. Visit Our Practice Areas for links to our multiple resource websites.

Support Services

When you become a client of Hendler Lyons Flores you have access to our considerable resources and to extensive litigation support. The legal professionals at Hendler Lyons Flores have over 100 years of combined experience helping thousands of clients bring claims against large corporations. In that time we've established a strong track record of successful results and exceptional monetary recoveries for our clients. As a Hendler Lyons Flores client you get the benefit of our skills and experience:

Effective legal strategies. Developing a strong case involves not only understanding all the small details, but also seeing the big picture. Our firm has developed an analytical framework that allows us to critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of each case and select the most effective course of action.

Strong negotiation skills. Although most lawyers spend a much greater percentage of their time negotiating than trying cases, very few attorneys have formal training in the fine art of negotiation. Negotiating is a skill that is stressed at Hendler Lyons Flores, since it's through negotiation, not trials, that settlements are reached. Our firm has negotiated some of the highest single settlements from asbestos product manufacturers ever recovered.

Vast network of national strategic partners. To effectively hold large corporations accountable for the injuries they cause, law firms often work with other firms who have expertise in specific areas such as jury selection, liability evidence or medical evidence.  Hendler Lyons Flores enjoys strong strategic partnerships with other top litigation firms that allow us to match a defendant's resources in virtually any case.

Substantial trial experience. Although most people don't realize it, many attorneys have limited or no experience in court. Collectively, we have decades of experience presenting our clients' cases in courtrooms throughout the United States.

Up-to-the-minute knowledge. To develop the best possible case strategies it's important to stay current with the latest developments in all our areas of litigation. Our people keep informed by regularly attending seminars, taking courses and reading trade journals.